While we are in the process of doing some cleaning on this site, what should we do about old questions that are closed and not deleted?

If I think they should be deleted should I vote to delete and flag for moderator attention?

What is the best practice to get attention to these questions in a way that will assist mods and the new focus group?






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These questions have upvoted answers so they'd never automatically be deleted; this has to be handled manually.

(We have provisions for removing old 0 vote and negatively voted questions that have no significant activity over time, but that always precludes an actual answer.)

Thus I think the thing to do is what you are doing now, bring it up here.

The general philosophy of closing questions is that closure is a step on the road to eventual deletion; the main exception is duplicates where the other questions are needed as differently worded signposts to the eventual answer.

As for what should be eventually deleted, the criteria is simple:

Does the existence of this page make the internet better or worse?

Though I would also add

Does this existence of this question actively work against the charter of this Q&A site?

... as well.

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