Just going over some of the unanswered questions today and came across these questions:

Are people who win the lottery more likely to go bankrupt?

Interpreting people's motivation from body language

Do bumper stickers cause increased driver aggression?

All of them are tagged with psychology and all of them appear to be asking about the science behind a particular claim and not asking about a specific claim itself. Two of them even link to studies answering the claim itself, but that is not what the real question behind the question is.

I want to ask if these types of question are on topic here? To me they would be better asked on a psychology site rather than on this site. I have flagged the first one and voted to close, but then I noticed there were more and all of them have some upvotes.

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I think the latter two deserve to be closed as "Not a Real Question" and I have done so. They have no answers and are .. not really concrete questions, as you pointed out.

The first one is, I think, a real question that can be answered with science, and there are a number of studies on this topic.

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