For example, "What's the real reason Bush attack Iraq?" or "Why people are religious?


If a politician makes a specific claim that is in the realm of science? Yes.

If it is about the "real" motivations of a person? No, that can't be meaningfully answered.

The question "Why are people religious?" is, as it stands, off-topic. There is no claim, it is just a general question. Issue discussed here.

The basic template isn't that hard: Find someone notable, or lots of people, who said something you suspect might be wrong, and quote them, with a link back to where they said it. There are variations to that template, but it is a pretty good start.

Common mistakes:

  • Not quoting anyone.
  • Making up your own quote.
  • Quoting someone you are sure is right.
  • Quoting someone who is saying something unfalsifiable.
  • Quoting someone who gives lots of evidence to support their statement, unless you have some reason to doubt it.

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