I read French and I sometimes see things that could be asked on Skeptics. Is it a problem if the article/book/other making the claim is in French, and if no English equivalent can be found ?

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I don't see any problems with this, though you should provide a translation of the important part containing the claim. You post needs to be understandable by someone only speaking english, but sources can be in different languages.


Sources don't have to be in English. It would be useful for you to provide a translated quote of when the claim is made, for users who don't speak the language of the source, but it's not mandatory.


It should be OK as long as there's a somewhat reliable way of telling that the claim translation (which, as other alluded to, ought to be required) is accurate - either the poster is bilingually fluent, or it's a language that one of the standard translation web services is reliable with (and the language isn't too technical/idiomatic to trip up Google Translate).

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