The word can be used in combination with other words, such as nuclear power, nuclear fusion, nuclear weapons, nuclear radiation, or nuclear physics, but doesn't make much sense on its own.

Should it be renamed or split up?

Some people conflate all nuclear issues, even being opposed to nuclear fusion reactors because it has the word "nuclear" in it, and I'd rather skeptics SE did not inadvertently legitimize such sloppy thinking.


Let's nuke it! "nuclear" is an adjective and therefore probably not a prime choice as a tag :-)

No need to split it since there are only a few questions :-)

are way more than enough to cover the examples you make, in my opinion.


This is a pseudo-answer, but only because you can't upload pictures to comments:

Screenshot of the nuclear tag with 23 questions

The only reason I can think I'm getting 23 questions, and Sklivvz is only getting 2, is if he's hiding questions that are on his ignored tag list. I don't think that'd be the case, as a diamond mod can't afford to hide questions.

Edit: turns out he was looking at unanswered questions only.

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