StackExchange, inc. added today a new feature: the greatest hits page.

The list is for us to have a convenient starting point for questions that potentially need improving since they are visited often.

That page contains our most important questions. They are the pages that bring in most new users, and show them what Skeptics is about. Thus, if they are not so good, those users will either leave, or get the wrong impression on the site!

Go Away

Thus, they have to be as good as possible! For example, its imortant 2 make shur that we avoid spelling mistakes, bad grammar, &c. Furthermore, we should either reference or delete unreferenced answers.

In other words

There should be no broken windows, only wonderful examples of our community at its best!

Come in

Here's how you can help make the site better:

  • Go through the greatest hits page (better if a bit randomly) and edit out any typos, bad formatting, imperfections

  • Flag or fix bad answers

I am sure we can make a very positive difference on the site!

Mat image source


Stack Exchange questions with no answer appear on an "Unanswered" list to attract more attention to them.

In meta-sites, like this one, sometimes questions, like this one, aren't really questions, and don't need this attention.

They are sometimes given fake answers, like this one, just so they don't appear on the "Unanswered" list.

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