I'm new here and treading lightly. I think this question touches on interesting and important subjects, but I think the question is confusing and could be worded better:

Do minimum wage laws disproportionately harm black employment?

"Do minimum wage laws create employment conditions that are racially biased against blacks?" The word 'bias' ("inclination of temperament or outlook;...") to describe the effects of a law seems to be an incorrect usage of the word.

The question also begins with a grammtically incorrect sentence that I find unclear: "There is a common claim that the effect of applying minimum wage laws is the impact the poorer members of society, and thus impact poorer minorities, such as blacks, more than others. "

I thought about working on the question, but would not touch it in its current state.

  • What is your concern with the current state? It is a political football surely and no answer is going to make everyone happy you will PO 20-30% by showing one way or the other.
    – Chad
    Jul 25 '12 at 20:45

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