can i ask questions about myths here?

consider this example

suppose i am asking about ghost hunting machines ,there will be myths and obviously research papers will be present,

how can i ask a question regarding myths and their source of myth?

why can't we add myth tag for future queries?

  • history.se may be a good place if you want the source of a myth
    – Ryathal
    Aug 21 '12 at 20:20

By tagging something as a myth you are stating from the outset that it's untrue, which doesn't seem like a very skeptical thing to do. Weather or not something is a myth should be shown by the answer and not from the question.

This site is also not the place for discovering the historical origin of beliefs, only how valid it is to hold certain (on topic) beliefs.

That said I did write an answer to a question along this lines (a long time ago, the sites rules might've changed and this question might be off-topic now, it's also missing a reference to to show it's notable): Does the idea of vampires come from rabies?

However note that the user has a very specific question (on-topic):

Does the idea of vampires come from rabies?

Rather than the open ended (off-topic):

Where does the idea of vampires come from?

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