Should we allow/create tags for well known Woo-woos and snake-oil salesmen?


They all have a proven track record in unsubstantiated claims and being able to cross reference question would be useful.


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I don't mind the idea of tagging names for commonly-mentioned notable people.

But we should be careful about saying that they are Woo-woos, because that is an ad hominem attack. Jenny McCarthy's next idea needs to be considered on its own merits.


I think so. If they're very active, like Jenny McCarthy is, then there will be people who will want refutation of their newest arguments.


There are notable pseudoscientists, who originate bogus theories, and there are notable celebrities, who make existing theories more popular. I think they're somewhat separate.


12 years later, none of these three tags have any questions, and none of the people associated with those tags have enough questions about them to warrant a tag of their own.

The three answers so far to this question, have focused on whether or not people like "pseudoscientists" deserve their own tag, but a more general discussion that also needs to be made is whether or not any individuals need to have their own tag (whether or not they are pseudoscientists), and that discussion has started here: What are the criteria for having an entire tag just for one person?

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