When I look at how questions like these are tagged,

Do corporations own human DNA sequences? (politics, health, dna)

Do small businesses create the majority of the jobs in America? (economics, united-states, business)

How legitimate are the “support an orphan” organizations? (business, charities)

I don't see how politics, economics, business do not apply to this one:

Does food aid cause famines? (nutrition, africa, charity)


Two wrongs don't make a right... The other questions should be corrected IMHO.

Tags apply to the topic of the claim. The food aid claim is not about , and not about about a practice. It is about a claim regarding charitable donations to Africa and their supposed effect. We need to be careful that and do not become meta tags.

Stretching the meaning, we could use . However, the claim is not necessarily about the economy, but the overall effect. It is more of a "freakanomics" topic than classical .

I don't think is appropriate at all.

Finally should redirect to .


  • I've retagged the questions (your question correctly shows the old version)
  • I've added they synonym - hopefully that's not controversial
  • I've closed one question from May '11 that was off-topic to today's standards.
  • Beggars can't be choosers, so i replaced the food/nutrition tag with the economics one. It's related to, but not limited by, political practice, although the articles i find suggest that it's purely the long-term food-only help that's bankrupting local business. – Cees Timmerman Nov 16 '12 at 13:19

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