As Skeptics.SE grows, there are some topics that clearly cause concern and have been richly mined with questions and answers.

While tags link many of these questions together, it can be difficult to get an overall view of what has been discussed in a topic by a flat list.

The question (with a slightly tongue-in-cheek title) provides a place for people to help out by providing an overview (in whatever format is most convenient) to allow people to discover what has already been covered.

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The topic of human intelligence makes a regular appearance on Skeptics.SE - particularly what may cause or correlate with high or low intelligence.

Here is a summary:


  • Some questions make the distinction between Intelligence and IQ.
  • Ethnicity, Body Features, Personality and Psychology are all strongly correlated with genetics, while Life Choices are correlated with Ethnicity, making some of the category distinctions here arbitrary.
  • Some questions ask about correlation, while others ask about causation. Some are about permanent and others are about temporary effects. Most claims assert a direction of the expected effect.


There are a large number of questions about the health effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners - too many to list as related questions.

This chart provides a map. Hopefully, it will help people discover duplicate questions more easily.

                               Natural   |           Artificial            | In
    Claim                   Sugar   HFCS | General   Aspartame   Sucralose | Drinks
    Generally Healthy       3409    3409   8107       11127                   2523
                            2077     370                                      8586
                             370    3727                                      6996
    Causes Weight Gain      3409    3409   13993                              13993
                            1263                                              1263
    Causes Hyperactivity                    6485
    Causes Cancer          10935     369                            10345      6415
    Causes MS                                                                 6415
    Causes Diabetes         6284                                                 2523
                            8940                                                 8626
    Cause Tooth Decay       5399                                              6191
    Harms immune system    13990 
    Gives a high            1435
    Contains Mercury                3254  


  • Both open and closed questions are included.
  • Included if the claim is mentioned in the question, or addressed in the accepted answer or a highly-voted answer.
  • Some wide-ranging questions appear in multiple places.
  • HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup) is nominally listed as a natural sweetener, as it it generally isn't intended for inclusion when talking about artificial sweeteners.
  • Cane and Brown Sugar are both included with sugar


Many questions have been asked that explore whether race-based claims (including affirmative action and distinctly racist claims) have a scientific backing. Included here are questions based on ethnicity, country, skin-colour and other factors that are strongly correlated with race.

Historically, these questions have rarely earned good answers, and are often closed, because, on examination, they are poorly constructed.

I've ignored some borderline questions (e.g. 1, 2, 3) as not race-based.

Racism in general

Attributes possibly correlated to race

Racism In Political Groups and Policies

Individuals and Racism




Many questions have been asked about radiation and radioactivity. There are many types of radiation that have been bundled together in this list.

Danger Levels

Radiation Sources

Mobile/Cell Phones

Home Networking


Other Home Devices:

Airport Scanners

Nuclear Power Plants



Nuclear Power Plants in General

Radiation Sources in General

Prevention and Cures


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