The answer to the question Did/does the US government keep secret papers by Nikola Tesla? contains mentioning of the HAARP as a possible result for research taken from Tesla, and notes that there are conspiracy theories that involve it.

As Oddthinking noted, there is a question about HAARP already in the site: Can HAARP affect weather or earthquakes? Should the answer include a link to the question as a "further reading" or a "see also" part, like in wiki?

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Why not? If you are not changing the meaning of the question and you are not putting a major eye-sore banner in, I don't see what the problem is.

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Oops. I can see some of the confusion could have been avoided by me directly editing the question to include a link to the other HAARP question.

I actually intended to do one better than that. I tried to edit some of the previous questions that addressed HAARP with a . However, I was using a mobile device at the time, and discovered you may not add novel tags from a mobile device. I didn't have time to edit it in full, so I put a quick comment in instead.

Given the confusion it caused both the OP and Ilya, I regret taking a shortcut. Sorry.

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