I have since reworded my question to make it have a focus on asking for studies and/or statistics regarding the controversial Cunningham's Law. Is this enough for this question to be opened again? If not, what are some ways I can reword my question to get it reopened?


I don't think we can fix this question:

  • The claim seems to be a "plausible joke", not a solid claim
  • The claim is not extremely notable, even though it is likely notable
  • The claim is extremely vague, as I commented under the question, making the question non meaningfully answerable
  • Changing the claim would make the claim non-notable

Are there better notable versions of the claim? Examples of people taking it seriously?

  • I am not entirely sure which is why I posted it on Skeptics haha. If there is, I will update my question. Thank you for your honest opinion though.
    – aug
    Mar 15 '14 at 20:51

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