If my question gets closed, but I think that I've re-worked it to make it better, should I post a question on meta with a link to it so that people who might vote to re-open it will take notice?

Here's my closed question by the way.


There are several possible mechanisms that are more efficient than asking a meta-question:

  • Just editing the question bumps it to the top of the Active questions page, where the regulars are watching. In this particular case, that was enough. I noticed you had improved it, edited a little further to match the claim to the links, and re-opened it, before I even read this meta-question.

  • Vote to re-open the question yourself. When someone does that, it is put on the Reopen Review queue, which is monitored by many of the high-rep users (and mods). It's a mechanism to ensure that when people put the effort in to fix their On Hold questions, that it isn't missed.

  • If a moderator has put a Question On Hold it, you can flag the question for a mod's review. It will appear in the moderator's flag queue.

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