I was reading a Meta question about "Flat Earth" question, and the answers (at least one) seem to be predicated on a time constraint:

Several people believe (note present tense) the claim

I think it is obvious that plenty of people believed the Flat Earth claim in the past[citation needed].

As such, should the assertion (let's assume it's true) that not enough people believe such a claim now be enough to decline notability?


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Yes: a notable claim must have believers in the present. It has to be an actual problem that people face.

These are our current guidelines:

All these use the present tense and this is not casual, it's a meaningful choice. The reason is that on any Stack Exchange site

You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face.

Addressing what people believed in the past, but don't believe anymore is, by definition, not helping anyone today.

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