In this episode:

  • The moon and its myths and legends
  • Hot questions
  • Top users

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My podcast player finally put the Skeptics Podcast at the top of the list, and I got to hear them.

I really enjoyed the first two shows.

Part of the joy was getting to hear what Sklivvz and Larian sound like. (Larian sounded much younger than I guessed, and Sklivvz sounded very different than I imagined. After a bit of introspection, I think I have been imagining him with a Spanish accent instead of an Italian one, which is very weird.)

I like the shout-out section to the top and upcoming users. I have been listening to that and thinking "Yeah, that was an excellent first post by so-and-so."

I found the background music in the first one distracting, but that was fixed in the second one, so yay!

Perhaps these meta-posts could be used as show notes, linking to the questions and users mentioned in the show?

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