I have recently noticed users introducing an "interestingness" or "consequential" test in addition to or in place of our notability requirement.

In the third example (the only one that has been placed on-hold), our standard notability test would have been sufficient to place the question on-hold.

Can we explicitly accept or reject this triviality/relevance/consequence/interestingness test?

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    Ironically, the community seems to find this question uninteresting, even though the question is logical and well-researched. Jun 14 '16 at 12:00

Uninteresting questions get punished by a lack of upvotes. Questions get upvoted based on how interesting they are, not how well-researched they are. If this wasn't the case, this poorly researched question (the answer was in a link in the very next sentence) wouldn't have got a net score of +57: Do sea otters rape baby seals to death?

I don't see an urgent need to deter them with closure as well.

Declaration of interest: I sometimes ask questions the community find uninteresting.

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