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An answer to a question has a window which I have not seen on other SE sites, nor it is present in the body of the answer:

enter image description here

  • How has it been added? (automatically? by a mod/high-rep user?)
  • is this a standard SE feature, available on other sites in the network?

With a hat-tip to @Loong, there is a question on Meta Stack Exchange that addresses this. What are these notices under my post?

Specifically to address your questions:

  • Added by moderators. (I wish it could be added by high-rep users, but I don't think it can.)
  • The feature is standard, but the selection of post notices is site-specific. (The text choices is managed by the Stack Exchange team, not mods.)

  • Other choices on Skeptics.SE include warnings about original research, current (i.e. still rapidly changing) events, theoretical answers, etc.

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