This isn't a criticism, I find the site pleasant to look at.

But just out of curiosity what is it supposed to represent?

I see the ordered numbers above the navigation links and some typewriter text scattered around. It sort of reminds me of patent application meets random sci-fi text. I like it but what is it?

There is also "[skeptics]", with the square brackets, what is that? Does it represent a markdown link?

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The background image represents bits of a scientific paper. The title "[skeptics]" is a play on the name of the site and wikipedia's "[citation-needed]" marker.

We've had many iterations of our design (this is basically the fourth). The first iteration had neither of these elements. The second iteration had the papers:

  • Images are of actual scientific docs, readouts etc. all available for review...

The Wikipedia-style header was introduced in the third revision:

I did draw upon the idea of "citation needed" here.

Finally, the design was redone and the elements were kept by the new designer in the fourth version.

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