I'm trying to figure out the scientific merits of Sensory processing sensitivity/Higly sensitive person, because my SO thinks she has it. Skeptics has one question on the topic so far.

Highly Sensitive Person Scale

The most upvoted answer is initially wrong, assuming it's the same thing as the introvert/extrovert personality scale and later updated with a more correct answer, but still keeping the incorrect info at the top.

The question in is referring to a specific website where self-tests are available. Those tests seem to be based on research done by Aron and Aron (1997), in the updated answer, another paper is cited "The Highly Sensitive Person: Stress and phsyical symptom reports" As far as I can understand, that research created another test, that is testing for more variables.

Here is a summary of the different measures: http://www.sicotests.com/psyarticle.asp?id=202

I'm not a psychologist nor a researcher and am just trying to figure out the merits of these claims. Can I do anything to help clean up this question.

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Without judging whether the first part is wrong, I notice that it's not really supported by the evidence presented. Yes, there is a link but it does not support the author's speculation.

Feel free to edit out the first part. The second part is well referenced and it should stay.

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