The description for the "donald-trump" tag is:

for questions where the claim is about Donald Trump. Do not use this tag for questions about stuff Trump claims.

When I posted the question Did a large number of celebrities threaten to go on strike until Trump resigns?, I didn't use the tag, since the question is about a supposed protest against Mr. Trump, not a claim against him. Now, that tag has been added. Is this an appropriate addition?

  • I hesitate to steal ideas from Shog9 (that's his prerogative :) but... in a large scheme of things, whether that tag is or isn't present on one question seems like a matter not really worth caring all that much, about independently of whether you agree or disagree with intended tag usage. (not to denigrate your specific question, i'm just worried that Skeptics is on a glide path to SciFi.SE level tag wars, which waste everyone's time without much of a site improvement). In the words of management speak, Impact Effort Matrix matters.
    – user5341
    Jan 17 '17 at 20:39

Trump is the object of the claim, in other words what the claim is about, and this means that the tag is appropriate.

If Trump were the subject of the claim, in other words the claimant, then the tag should not be used.

  • Trump said that the Earth is flat (DO NOT USE)
  • Is trump a reptilian? (USE)
  • Trump said he is a reptilian, is it true? (USE)

Compare with biology:

  • if a claim is about biology, it gets the tag
  • if a claim is made by a biologist, but it's not about biology, it does not.
  • 4
    What if a biologist makes a claim that Trump is a reptilian?
    – Robotnik
    Jan 19 '17 at 6:28

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