I'm not here to kick up a fuss (I'm well aware of the fear of that whenever someone questions a decision to close or delete their answer) but I think maybe the "What constitutes original research" needs clarifying.

In an attempt to answer a question about a correlation I couldn't see any research done on it but the data was all there. I took the two data sets (with links to them) and compared them in a fairly trivial way (at least as far as I see it).

As it is original research is defined in the FAQ as when:

Answers are original research when they perform non-trivial analysis of available data and present a novel result which requires specialist expertise to review. It is acceptable to provide a collection of evidence, but not to apply non-trivial calculations that require a community of experts to evaluate. (This also includes the use of non-trivial Internet-based tools.)

In the comments it is said:

the general idea is "high-school level or lower" is trivial

Plotting two data sets against each other and calculating a correlation are high-school level.

Now I'm not saying my answer should have been kept, only that I had read the FAQ before posting my answer and hadn't thought it fell within original research.

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It seems the issue here is our definition of "trivial".

  • While each individual syllabus is going to differ by region, I do not think I was formally introduced to the formula for correlation co-efficients until my second year into a Maths degree. It wasn't addressed in high school.

  • You have chosen to only include the top 10 countries. You have not justified that choice. It doesn't seem reasonable.

  • You have chosen a formula for a linear correlation. You have not justified that choice.

  • You have little guidance for the reader to interpret the r value. Is -0.06 a strong negative correlation?

  • Your description of the p-value makes me uncomfortable.

To be clear, editing the answer to add more information to address these concerns won't help. It just demonstrates the analysis is non-trivial, and we have little reason to trust it. Instead, we should find expert analysis that has been peer-reviewed, and quote that.

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