Should we get rid of one of and , and if so, which one?

has a tag wiki and has 20 questions, while lacks a wiki, and has 6 questions. Of the six questions tagged , all of them are either tagged with , or have fluoridation in their title.

Logically speaking, all questions about fluoridation are about fluoride, but not all questions about fluoride are about fluoridation. Doing a search for questions with "fluoride" without either tag, I came across Are cheap tea bags dangerous to your health due to high fluoride levels? , which mentions fluoride but not fluoridation.

There are two questions mentioning fluorine (the name of the chemical element), but neither are primarily about the element.

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    Sounds like a job for a tag synonym. – Jon Ericson Sep 1 '17 at 16:49

Tag synonym added. ->

Thanks for the suggestion.

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