Recently, this question was asked and answered. The original version of the question did not have the source of the notable claim provided. When pressed, OP provided a link to a hour-long podcast with no timestamp as to when the claim was made.

This was accepted at face-value (admittedly a fault of my own) and was answered using the assumption that the claim was made at some point in the podcast.

Upon being pressed by a user to look more into the context, I went back and listened to the podcast, only to find out that the claim was never made by the notable source in the video.

The question is currently on hold for being off-topic. Should the question be closed? Deleted? Left up?


I would suggest we go back to first principles here to work out the best action.

There are several reasons for demanding notability references:

  • To ensure the claim is widely believed, so we spend our time wisely. If an answer has already been posted and accepted, then this is kind of moot.

  • To ensure the claim is being accurately represented. Sometimes people simply misunderstand claims or don't realise it was satirical/fictional. In such cases, we can choose to close the question (because no-one else believes the claim) or provide an answer to explain the confusion (if it is widely believed).

  • As a starting point for context to understand the claim - e.g. what definitions might the claimant have been using, etc. If an answer is possible without this, there is no need.

  • Right, I made the mistake of assuming the link to the podcast included the statement made. In hindsight, I should have asked for a timestamp in the video, as that would have solved this issue before going after a claim that was never made in the first place. I know in the past if we're asked to examine a claim made in a video we would ask for a timestamp but it slipped my mind. I'm guessing the question should remain closed, but not deleted then?
    – DenisS
    Oct 22 '19 at 18:54

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