I rolled the dice and answered this (not-super-great) question relating to CO2 emissions, and my answer is now sitting at +131:

Have China and India more than doubled carbon emissions since 2000 while U.S. emissions have fallen?

It hit the HNQ list, and as a result generated lots of comments, which have gone through a few rounds of clean-up (thanks @Oddthinking for the vigilance there!).

However, a consistent theme has arisen in the comments, encapsulated by this one, currently at +80:

If a person in the US buys something made in china [sic], which line on the chart gets bumped up, if any?

I found a good resource (see this page from Our World in Data on consumption-based CO2 emissions) to address these comments, but I'm reluctant to edit the question at this point for a few reasons:

  • Consumption-based emissions is relevant to the topic, but not really addressed by the question or the claim it asks about
  • Lots of people voted on the answer "as-is." Does adding this significant piece of info invalidate their votes?

I poked around on [metase], but didn't find anything addressing this concern.

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    Especially HNQ votes are practically worthless, if not a wholesale negative impact. It's your answer. If you think addressing this is valuable, then do it (I guess it's relevant as well). [At this point it is properly spelled "metastase".;( ] Jan 29 '20 at 15:20

Given that there was a highly-upvoted comment (+89, when I saw it, +92 now) asking for that angle, I think it was fairly appropriate.

And since the (rather unclear) question also involved on what Thunberg thought of that... and it turns out (see my answer) that she thought that was a relevant angle too...

Is China responsible for a lot of the greenhouse emissions in the world?

Every country is responsible in some part, but there are a lot of factories in China and they manufacture a lot of the stuff that the western world buys.

I think it was doubly appropriate to add that info, even though you never mentioned Thunberg in your answer.

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