Does Skeptics.SE presuppose methodological naturalism—i.e., the claim that everything can be explained by natural processes or that there is no such thing as miracles?

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In the tour for Skeptics.SE our scope is defined:

Skeptics is a question and answer site for applying scientific skepticism

In the Welcome to New Users FAQ question, provides a link to a definition on Wikipedia:

This site is about applying scientific skepticism. We only accept answers based on independently verifiable applications of the scientific method ("facts").

Wikipedia's overview currently says:

Scientific skeptics attempt to evaluate claims based on verifiability and falsifiability; they discourage accepting claims which rely on faith or anecdotal evidence.

Now whether scientific skepticism presupposes methodological naturalism is probably a great question for Philosophy.SE. I have to admit, I haven't much patience with such matters, and I am happy to leave it to others to work out.

When it comes to actual practice on this site, these topics have been thrashed out before:

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