As per the site description, this is about applied skepticism:

Beta Q&A site for skeptics, rationalists, free thinkers anyone who questions woo and pseudoscience. Skeptics is aimed at applied skepticism; researching specific areas of woo or pseudoscience. It is not for philosophical discussions about skepticism.

As such, wouldn't this question be considered off-topic? It's not about applied skepticism; it's about an association advocating skepticism.

PS: I like the question.

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  • The question was closed – Casebash Mar 23 '11 at 11:45

If this question is considered out of the scope, I believe the scope should be adjusted to fit it in. I believe it is a reasonable question topic (not withstanding the minimal research the OP did.)

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This is tough one. It's getting in to the murky world of Skepticism about Skepticism.

I think the question in its current form is off topic (I however like the question).

Rephrased to something like — For what reasons was the James Randi prize removed.

This can then be answered with evidence from the JREF and news reports.

NB: I think is was altered a few years ago or they considered removing it and this is legitimate area for applied skepticism.

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