StackExchange is hiring a Community Evangelism Team and it is up to the community to decide what help they need.

(Listen to Podcast #6 for more detail discussion)

I (as many of you are also) a member of my local skpetical group (Bristol Skeptics). There are many of these regional groups around the world all (very) loosely affiliated.

I suggest the CET reach out to these groups initially for promotion; stickers, t-shirts etc. Eventually sponsorship or events could be considered.

I have a list of contacts for all UK SitP groups, I'm sure we have users with similar contacts in US, Australia and Europe.


It's a joke, no, isn't it?


For a skeptics site. :) I guess it was inspired by the holy ghost! :)


We have a SitP group in Manchester (New Hampshire, yeah, stole all those UK names).


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    Aren't you going to TAM? That would be a great place to promote the site.
    – JasonR
    Apr 26 '12 at 12:35

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