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FAQ: Must all answers be referenced?

How strict should we be about references? When someone makes a claim, should we require them to support that claim with a source? If so, to what extent should we go? Must all claims be referenced or ...
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How to handle answers based on «logic»?

There are a few answers popping up regularly based on «logic». The problem is obviously not the logic part, it is that the logic depends on uncited facts. Using logic to follow the consequences of ...
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Is this answer about illegal immigrants supported by its evidence?

I had an interesting discussion with the poster of a popular answer that has been in the Hot Network Questions for a couple of days. I think the discussion is important, so I'm copying it here to ...
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Why was my answer deleted so fast?

My answer to a question was deleted within minutes of posting. It was commented on in an extremely obnoxious manner mere seconds after posting by the same person. May I know why?
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Reputable Sources for a given topic

My answer to the question Is the New Testament significantly corrupted from its originally intended form? was deleted today by a mod. The comments section is locked because of this, so I turn to meta. ...
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Why was my answer deleted as original research whereas the other one stands?

Putting aside my questions regarding the original research policy, both answers to this question present a lot of original research. The only difference I can see is that one answer requires logical ...
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Why are we converting "uncited" posts to community wiki?

I see from this search:"Please+help+improve+this+article"+is%3Aanswer We are apparently now adding faux wikipedia style editorial messages to answers ...
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Deletion of an answer without good reason

I provided an answer to this question, in which I pointed out that the "profit per customer" can be defined two different ways, and considering that the question is given the context of how they can ...
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What is to be done about a mis-attributed image?

This answer to the question, "Did JK Rowling ever describe Harry Potter goblins as 'hook-nosed'?" is built around an illustration that is claimed to be from the original 1974 publication of ...
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Reasonable answer deleted on unreasonable grounds

Oddthinking deleted this answer single-handedly. While I understand his reasons for doing so, his reasons do not conform to any valid philosophy of science. That much I can easily demonstrate on ...
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Standard text for asking people to provide references etc

I have seen some of the diamond mods provide good quality comments that ask people to provide references or to let someone know that they need to improve their post etc. Can I please get the exact ...
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Have quality standards for answers been increasing over time?

Have the quality standards for answers been increasing over time? I'm not so much referring to the average quality of what gets posted as an answer (there's no stopping for new inexperienced novice ...
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Why are answers deleted?

Answers may be deleted by the moderators, for various reasons: Some reasons are obvious to everyone (e.g. spam) Some reasons are obvious to the regulars of this site (e.g. no references) Some reasons ...
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The deletion FAQ item should reflect site policy

The FAQ item on deletion claims the following about deleting answers: Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be removed. This includes answers that are … commentary on ...
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Which flag should I use for unreferenced answers?

If an answer has no references, should I use the "Very Low Quality" flag, or "in need of moderator attention" flag?
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