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FAQ: Welcome to New Users

I am a new user here on Skeptics.SE. What do I need to know?
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Discussion on FAQ Question: What are the attributes of a good answer?

What does a good Skeptics.SE answer look like? What are the qualities that a perfect Skeptics.SE answer would have? Ground rules: One quality per answer Provide a brief explanation of why it is ...
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Can we stop being rude?

I gave a controversial answer to a recent question. In all response, in the comments, I have been: called a douchebag been insulted for being a SE employee been called out as "admitting I don't know ...
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Questions on black people (or other colour) should be allowed ?

After reading this question, I was astonished that no one really comment about the unscientific nature of the question, as well as the insidious door it opens. How can we accept such a title ? Black, ...
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Biblical claim isn't notable? Really?

So there's this question: Could a man survive in the belly of a fish for 3 days? It was closed for not being "notable enough". Apparently not enough people in the world believe in a literal ...
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Why is my answer deleted using mod powers because the mod that asked it didn't like it?

There was a question about StackOverflow productivity: Has Stack Overflow saved billions of dollars in programmer productivity? I answered it to the best of my ability. Rather than asking a question, ...
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Are allegations of infamous crimes off topic for Skeptics?

This question was inspired by Did Michael Jackson sexually abuse children? as some moderators discussed the question with the OP in comments and suggested that perhaps Skeptics can not replace the ...
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What is the Skeptics' standard with regard to bias and neutrality?

The comments on this answer intrigue me. As of this writing, four people have upvoted a comment that defended an answer opening with "Basically it's creationist bushwah." I don't understand this ...
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Should question titles be bowdlerised?

Over on English Language & Usage, the policy is that questions about offensive language are of course on topic, but that such language should be excised from question titles, on the basis that ...
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Policy on profanity

I just noticed that we have no meta question about profanity yet. We have strict rules about attacks or insults on other users here. But what about general use of profanity and insults against other ...
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FAQ: Should questions be asked with an impartial tone?

Wikipedia has a very precise policy on tone: Impartial tone Wikipedia describes disputes. Wikipedia does not engage in disputes. A neutral characterization of disputes requires presenting viewpoints ...
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How to deal with perceived admin abuse?

Following a discussion in the comments for the answer to the Is the Earth 6000 years old? question, I asked
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Why was my question edited many times removing text that I put on purpose?

I asked a question on Skeptics which was edited by two moderators to remove content that I added on purpose for several reasons. Let me first break down my reasons and explain why I did what I did. I ...
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FAQ: What makes an answer good on Skeptics.SE?

What does a good answer look like? What are the qualities that a perfect Skeptics.SE answer would have?
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Is it ok to accept your own answer?

Is it ok to accept your own answer on Skeptics.SE, and give it that green checkmark? What does an accepted answer mean? Is there anything distinctly different between your own accepted answer, and ...
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