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should claim, which is known and unquestioned fact, be considered notable? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: If a claim is commonly accepted, does questioning it require a notable counter-claim? I've voted to close question as "not a real question" on account, that the given claim is ...
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"Checking" an already very reliable source

There is a question about expectation of police killing of African American males. The statements the asker would like verified can be addressed by reference to an article in the Proceedings of the ...
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How should we enforce notability?

We require questions here on Skeptics to be about notable claims. This restriction is necessary to keep the site somewhat focused, despite the fact that we essentially accept questions about pretty ...
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How to handle questions that lead to arguments about definitions

This is motivated by this question: Did the Irish Catholic church have slaves in Ireland as recently as 1996? My understanding is that as far as possible skeptics is a place for learning about the ...
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Please clarify point on challenging basic science in New User welcome

I found this point in the new user welcome confusing: Given that we routinely tackle "hot potato" questions, it sometimes happens that we get questions challenging basic science, or answers ...
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How notable must doubt be?

Skeptics requires questions to be about notable claims. The burden of proof is on the question to provide evidence that the claim is notable. Must the question also provide evidence that there is a ...
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How much controversy must surround a claim?

How much, if any, controversy must surround a claim in order for it to be on topic here? I've heard this worded as requiring that the question present a "real problem". What is our test for ...
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Are questions about repeatable experiments on-topic?

Are questions about the existence of repeatable, scientific experiments to validate a hypothesis on topic? For example, there are two questions asking for experimental evidence for evolution, one of ...
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I don't understand how to ask questions on this site: notability and reliability of sources

I understand that you need to cite a notable source for the claim you wish to have verified/falsified, but if you can cite a notable source, isn't that enough to have found the answer to your ...
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Is notability a sufficient (not just a necessary) condition to ask a question here?

Stemming from this meta-exchange and also in view of some recent disputes on a q, is notability a sufficient (not just necessary) condition to ask a question here? As defined A claim is 'notable' ...
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