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What is a 'notable' claim?

Throughout the Skeptics.SE site, there are demands for claims to be 'notable'. For example: in Close Reasons, and in several places in the FAQ. 'Notable' isn't a common word and isn't always clear. ...
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Claims involving personal information about notable people

This is relevant to the question I don't dispute that this is a claim made by an notable source, and that Emma Watson is ...
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Handling claims that are implied, rather than explicit

If a claim is implied, rather than explicitly stated, is it acceptable to ask about the claim on Skeptics.SE? In the question Is a giant wolffish the result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident? ...
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How should we enforce notability?

We require questions here on Skeptics to be about notable claims. This restriction is necessary to keep the site somewhat focused, despite the fact that we essentially accept questions about pretty ...
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Must every questioned 'notable claim' include a referenced citation with a quote?

FAQ: Welcome to New Users links to How should we enforce notability? in which the accepted answer includes the following: It is not required to have an explicit cite for a claim in questions, ...
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Why was a question closed because it's claim comes from a movie when we have accepted so many others? [duplicate]

This question was closed as non-constructive, and was heavily criticized in the comments. These were not (I could go on) Why? This has been asked before, the result was a tentative acceptance that ...
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Can notability be scientifically quantified?

There is a discussion about whether it is appropiate to source racist sources, see Antisemitic or Racist Sources. On one hand it may be problematic to indirectly promote hateful content and subject to ...
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How should we define a question as "too localized"?

Recently there was a question about a quote made by Adria Richards that I objected to on two grounds, one being the notability and the other being (more subtly at first) that the question is too ...
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Is there an inconsistency in notability requirements?

I have observed in the past moderators closing the question because it is not notable enough, specifically posted on blog/social media that doesn't show much viewership. However, others seem to be ...
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Is "belief in the claim" part of notability time constrained?

I was reading a Meta question about "Flat Earth" question, and the answers (at least one) seem to be predicated on a time constraint: Several people believe (note present tense) the claim I think ...
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Is indirect notability important?

A recent question can essentially be reduced to "Is the claim made in this BBC article true?" In particular, a BBC article included a claim about something that Linus Pauling allegedly said. An edit ...
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