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What makes a good question about the 2023 Israel-Hamas War?

As of October 2023, the 2023 Israel-Hamas War is attracting a lot of interest with many questions under the israel-hamas-war tag. Several have been closed; others are close to it. Meta-questions ...
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Handling current events

How should the community handle the following problems related to current events? Questions might become inaccurate/obsolete/wrong Answers might become inaccurate/obsolete/wrong (even when heavily ...
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How should we handle questions about the 2022 war in Ukraine?

There will doubtless be hundreds of questions from old and new users about claims about the war in Ukraine, and it might be good to discuss how to handle them before it gets out of hand. Personally I ...
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Do moderators delete too many answers?

I noticed that all answers to this question have been deleted. IMO at least one of those answers was better than nothing (i.e. arguably imperfect but shouldn't/needn't have been deleted). Assuming ...
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May I cite a single article?

If I think a single research is meticulous enough to clarify a subject, is it right to only cite that one article? The one I'm interested in references previous work, so there would be different ...
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"There exist X" claims

Based on the discussion here: Is xenoglossy a scientifically verified phenomenon? It seems we no longer accept questions of the form "People believe that X exist. Do X exist?" Instead, if you're ...
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After what time / at what relational distance is an event history and not current events?

I'd like to ask about the limpet mines supposedly used on the oil tankers, but I think this might run afoul of the 'no current events' rule. So my question here: Is there a way to phrase my disbelief ...
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Myanmar: A viable topic?

There are plenty of questions surrounding the conflict with the leader of the country claiming some of the pictures we have seen are staged elsewhere, claims that village fires were started by the ...
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What is the standard of proof here?

Here are some standards of proof from Wikipedia "Legal Burden of Proof", listed from easiest to most stringent: Some credible evidence... The "Some Credible Evidence" standard does not require ...
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Should we handle Ukraine-related propaganda

If you've been following the situation in Ukraine, you may have noticed that there are two competing narratives -- essentially the Russian/Putin narrative and the Western/NATO narrative. Each side ...
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To what extent can OPs discredit sources in advance?

Current policy is that the reference/evidence given in an answer should be 'better' than the reference/evidence being questioned. To what extent should an OP be allowed to discredit (in their ...
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Where are the rules?

So apparently this site has some strict rules about answers. As best I can tell they are something like some of these lines: Answers must include references. Answers must include citations. Citations ...
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Should I ask this question here?

I've asked this question regarding Presidential record of personal ties with the power of pardon practice but it seems to be off-topic on the Politics SE community. The question to me seems political ...
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Question about site policy, determined by vote count or chosen answer?

I recently asked a question: Did Hunter Biden launder 3 million dollars of Ukrainian money? That question has a comment that says, Voted to close since "questions about unresolved current events ...
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Is Moderna a pump-and-dump?

How can Is Moderna a pump-and-dump? be edited, improved, to be re-opened? It was closed by merely 2 votes from Daniel R Hicks, fredsbend♦. But I'm uncertain if fredsbend♦'s comment is correct. It won'...
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