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FAQ: Must all answers be referenced?

How strict should we be about references? When someone makes a claim, should we require them to support that claim with a source? If so, to what extent should we go? Must all claims be referenced or ...
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Should we expect original research to occur on this site?

Is it acceptable for users of this site to post un-referenced responses to questions which can be answered objectively? That is, are responses along the lines of "based on my experience and research, ...
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Deletion of deep hot biosphere answer

On this question: Is there a deep, hot biosphere? , I provided an answer which was essentially a summary of Thomas Gold's book "The Deep Hot Biosphere", which I have just read. The answer was upvoted, ...
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Do moderators delete too many answers?

I noticed that all answers to this question have been deleted. IMO at least one of those answers was better than nothing (i.e. arguably imperfect but shouldn't/needn't have been deleted). Assuming ...
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Reputable Sources for a given topic

My answer to the question Is the New Testament significantly corrupted from its originally intended form? was deleted today by a mod. The comments section is locked because of this, so I turn to meta. ...
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Was it okay for a moderator to delete my answer?

I would like to start with the comment box a moderator added: This post does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this post by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced ...
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Why was my answer deleted as original research whereas the other one stands?

Putting aside my questions regarding the original research policy, both answers to this question present a lot of original research. The only difference I can see is that one answer requires logical ...
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Should we maintain or expand the reasons for deletion of an answer?

This question is related to Should we increase the penalty for downvoted answer. I'm separating out the issue of expanding the deletion policy from the question of changing the reputation penalties ...
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Why was my answer deleted?

I'm a long time contributor, on the first page of the repuation list, and I've read the FAQ, but I have no idea why my answer to this question was moderator deleted (Sklivvz). It was on-topic (the ...
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For what reasons was my fully referenced answer deleted?

I'm huge fan of Skeptics@SE, and although I am far from having tremendous reputation level (because I rarely contribute), I frequently visit the site and believe to have good knowledge of what an ...
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Why was this referenced answer deleted?

This question had a factual, referenced answer. Now it has a deleted, factual, referenced answer. A moderator wrote "I removed the references, and then deleted the answer as unreferenced." Why was ...
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On adding the FAQ tag to questions

In the next few days, we'll start applying the faq to some of the questions on meta. The nature of meta is that heavily upvoted posts become law. It's the vehicle by which the community decides what ...
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Why my answer was deleted?

My answer has been deleted with a pretty strange reason: Did planes crash into the WTC on 9-11? This is a theoretical answer, but we expect answers to be based on facts - not to make a ...
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Why was my answer deleted?

My answer to this question was deleted by Borror0: I think that most answers will need to be referenced. I have only posted one answer so far that was not referenced. This answer pointed out ...
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Why was the highly upvoted answer deleted?

The following answer to the question about the Islamic state was deleted after being well recieved for many days and logical closure of the question: The reason given was "does not satisfy rules of ...
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