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Should we specifically discredit hate and racist sites as notable sources? [duplicate]

This question is receiving downvotes: Needless to say, the claim in question is extremely offensive and stupid. I find myself hovering over the ...
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FAQ: What are the attributes of a good question?

What does a good Skeptics.SE question look like? What are the qualities that a perfect Skeptics.SE question would have? Ground rules for answering this meta-question: One quality per answer Provide ...
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Permanently banning user/question?

Recently, we had a user who asked the same anti-semitic, off-topic, and frankly just absurd question multiple times (at least four or five that I have seen, but I would assume that I also missed ...
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Antisemitic or Racist Sources

I have never written a post like this before, because I generally do not care how StackOverflow is moderated or run. I apologize if this is overly wordy. There is an active question which asks about ...
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Add "is from fake news site" to list of close flags (distinct from "no notable claim")

Obviously this means we'd have to maintain a list of such sites. Yes, I'm aware of what's called the genetic fallacy, but things have changed since rhetoric was invented. We now must deal with ...
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Limited in what I can do to investigate a suspicious question

For this question, I was extremely suspicious about the question, but I felt like I couldn't justifiably flag it as "Rude and abusive". Is the claim likely to be complete nonsense? Yes, quite ...
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Does asking about a factual claim act as endorsement of the claim's context?

In my question Do an overwhelming majority of rapes not involve relatives? , I asked about a factual claim (about who engages in sexual abuse) which has been used to support an abhorrent opinion (that ...
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Downvote first, think later

I think that soon my account will be banned due to several harshly downvoted questions. I doubt I will be back, but when I look at the Sites questions in general, there are not many new questions, and ...
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Victims of crime

Further to this chat, I find topics about non-notorious individual victims of crime distateful. I understand it may be in the public interest, and/or relevant to public policy (e.g. because of police ...
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Are we supposed to flag these kinds of questions?

This question is poorly written, and doesn't meet the site requirements for a notable claim, as I understand them. It's also a Holocaust denial question. Should we treat the question just like any ...
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Can notability be scientifically quantified?

There is a discussion about whether it is appropiate to source racist sources, see Antisemitic or Racist Sources. On one hand it may be problematic to indirectly promote hateful content and subject to ...
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