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How to proceed when implicit and explicit claims diverge

I have seen a number of instances of the following pattern. Someone says something that absolutely explicitly states X and also clearly implies Y. Y, of course, is more outrageous than X. In typical ...
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What is “No. 79378”?

The new site design1 has as part of the background image this: It appears just to the left of Questions, Tags, Users, etc., at least for me. It appears to be a hand-written case-number or something ...
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What makes a good question about the 2023 Israel-Hamas War?

As of October 2023, the 2023 Israel-Hamas War is attracting a lot of interest with many questions under the israel-hamas-war tag. Several have been closed; others are close to it. Meta-questions ...
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Are political comments a problem?

I live in Australia, not the USA. Party politics seem to be less divisive here than in the USA. I notice that there seems to be a tendency for questions related even tenuously to politics or ...
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Why was an answer about fracking deleted?

I posted this question, Can fracking help reduce CO2?. It got 3 interesting answers, all of which provided some useful information, from users LShaver, Brythan, and Randy Orrison. Since then, it ...
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"Abusing the flagging system" - really?

On this question Was it harder for Syrian Christians to immigrate to the US than Muslims? , comments were as shown below: While the question is on topic, it seems of little importance. – Sklivvz♦ ...
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Using skeptics.SE as a personal, political blogging platform

This user has recently posted a number of questions here on Skeptics about controversial recent political events, sometimes concurrently cross-posting on Politics.SE, sometimes self-answering. Most of ...
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Political campaigning to influence a presidential election on Skeptics, no one cares?

Once I read here that Sorry, but we don't care about your political opinions But are we indeed so careless as to allow blatant political campaigning? We witnessed a non-skeptical question on HNQ ...
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Why are questions about Trump often closed?

Why are most questions whose subject is what The President presumably said or did always treated with distrust on this site? Ending up inevitably on hold, closed, deleted etc. Is it an invitation to ...
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Feedback on downvotes on my answer. Fixing my errors

In a recent answer I got 3 down-votes. If people disagree with me or dislike the content, that's perfectly fine. I understand and respect their decision. However, seeing as it's 3 out of 7 voters, I'm ...
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Answer moved to comment by mod

I joined a community today because I had something unique to add to a question. There already was a decent answer, but mine was talking about points not mentioned in it. While my answer was a bit ...
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Do we need a "widely believed" filter for claims made by celebrities? [duplicate]

Currently almost everything a celebrity says qualifies as notable here. The only exceptions that I've seen applied (until yesterday) are: what a celebrity says in fiction (e.g. in a magician's show ...
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Why was my question downvoted?

I have a question about my Skeptics Stack Exchange post: Why did Biden make a strategic mistake and create a crisis by leaving Afghanistan? Why was it closed?
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So your answer was deleted... don't panic

My initial answer (and first answer written on here) was deleted, but has thankfully been re-instated. I've never had an answer deleted before in 7 years or using various StackExchange sites, so it ...
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Should we routinely move more comment threads to chat?

Should skeptics.SE be more aggressive about moving comment threads to chat? I have spent some time recently on workplace.SE, and just like skeptics.SE, comment threads can get long and sometime off-...
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