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FAQ: Welcome to New Users

I am a new user here on Skeptics.SE. What do I need to know?
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FAQ: What are the attributes of a good question?

What does a good Skeptics.SE question look like? What are the qualities that a perfect Skeptics.SE question would have? Ground rules for answering this meta-question: One quality per answer Provide ...
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Discussion about requiring references for all claims

Our current policy on requiring references can be found at the following link: FAQ - Must all claims be referenced? This question contains the discussion that lead to the adoption of the current ...
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Discussion on FAQ Question: What are the attributes of a good answer?

What does a good Skeptics.SE answer look like? What are the qualities that a perfect Skeptics.SE answer would have? Ground rules: One quality per answer Provide a brief explanation of why it is ...
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Math does not need to be cited or sourced

In this answer: Is one in two hundred men a descendant of Genghis Khan? The OP is simply trying to establish a mathematical basis for the credibility of the assertion in the question -- a "back of ...
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Common Sense: incompatible with skepticism?

I find this problem reoccurring in many skepticism-based (or just skepticism-flavored) web forums or generally, any discussions. In the most basic (and most annoying) form, it goes like this. Someone ...
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Should we expect original research to occur on this site?

Is it acceptable for users of this site to post un-referenced responses to questions which can be answered objectively? That is, are responses along the lines of "based on my experience and research, ...
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If a question is challenging high-school level facts, are references required to support them?

In the frequently referenced FAQ question, Must All Answers Be Referenced there is an exemption: There are some types of questions that we can safely answer without needing references, however, ...
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Downvoting is good for you (and for the site)!

High quality answers are the life and blood of our site. If we continually produce high quality content, we'll attract more experts who will want to help fellow skeptics. On the other hand, if low ...
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Politically motivated deletion of answer

In this question, which is kind of politcally charged in the US, I ask the theoretical and experimental question "Do higher taxes lower economic growth?": Does a tax increase on high incomes ...
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Is anecdotal evidence sufficient for answers?

Related meta questions: Should we expect original research to occur on this site? Pseudo-answers are the enemy Must all claims be referenced? I was spurred to ask because of this ...
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Questions on black people (or other colour) should be allowed ?

After reading this question, I was astonished that no one really comment about the unscientific nature of the question, as well as the insidious door it opens. How can we accept such a title ? Black, ...
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How to handle answers based on «logic»?

There are a few answers popping up regularly based on «logic». The problem is obviously not the logic part, it is that the logic depends on uncited facts. Using logic to follow the consequences of ...
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Is this answer about illegal immigrants supported by its evidence?

I had an interesting discussion with the poster of a popular answer that has been in the Hot Network Questions for a couple of days. I think the discussion is important, so I'm copying it here to ...
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FAQ: What are theoretical answers?

Answers which are wholly based on a theoretical model are generally downvoted and may be deleted. What are the characteristics that (dis-)qualify an answer as theoretical?
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