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Is there *really* a reason why so many questions *really* need to include the word 'really'?

This issue has been pointed out before--someone noted in a comment that any question can be made into a "skeptic's" question with the inclusion of "really". Right now, in the list of the 15 active ...
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FAQ: What are the attributes of a good question?

What does a good Skeptics.SE question look like? What are the qualities that a perfect Skeptics.SE question would have? Ground rules for answering this meta-question: One quality per answer Provide ...
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Is a claim that a public figure is transgender an acceptable claim?

I have recently encountered a claim that a certain well-known public figure/celebrity that has publicly denied being transgender is, in fact, transgender. The claim appears plausible and mentions some ...
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Is the scope of this site unlimited?

I have a difficulty with trying to understand which questions would be off-topic on this site. I understand questions have been closed because they were written in a way that would degenerate into ...
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How do you skeptically investigate Hitler's religion?

I ran across the following question on main: On one hand, the question is formally a skeptical question, on the other how can one ...
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Can you reopen the "Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony" question?

Can you reopen this question? IMO it can be reopened. It is not asking people to watch and comment on a 50-minute video ... it's asking people to reference any official explanations (i.e. more ...
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What's wrong with "hoax" questions?

We occasionally get questions with a title like "Is [Product Name] a hoax?" (or equivalently "Is [Product Name] a scam?" Those questions tend to attract major edits. Why?
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What topics are in and out of scope of Skeptics.SE?

The FAQ page for gives some brief guidance to what questions are on-topic and off-topic: Skeptics - Stack Exchange is for skeptics, rationalists, free thinkers, or anyone ...
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Should questions about "motivation" of organizations, rather than individuals, be considered OT?

I've just had my question Was Aeroflot SU2074 intended target in MH17 shooting? closed with reason "This question is about motivations, as such, it's off topic.". This of course refers to Politics, ...
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Questions about James Damore's claims about biological differences in distribution of traits among genders

This is a call for questions about the claims made in the "Google Manifesto". I'm posting this in Meta because the claims should probably be split into multiple questions. This would be a good place ...
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What did I miss when asking this question? Is it actually inappropriate to ask "Why?"

The question is here: Did the US ban the Volkswagen XL1 for being too fuel efficient? More than one person has commented on it saying that asking about motivation is off topic. That's fine, my actual ...
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Are political questions on-topic here?

For example, "What's the real reason Bush attack Iraq?" or "Why people are religious?
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Why is this question Opinion-Based?

I am talking about this question. I have the same question. Actually by asking whether this society is real or not and whether their members honestly believe their claims involves at least one of ...
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Posting etiquette

This is my first time posting on, I am a frequent poster on, I was wondering if I could get more information on why the question is considered off-topic? And how(if) it can be ...
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Musing on the importance of "credible" references

This isn't so much a question but commentary, and it struck me as relevant to this site. Feel free to delete it if it doesn't belong in the meta - Truthiness. I was goofing around and in my goofing ...
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