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How notable does a claim have to be for questions about it to be considered on-topic? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: FAQ: Must all questions be notable? I know there have been a bunch of Meta discussions about whether answers to questions need to be referenced, and how good the references ...
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Why is this question closed and yet similar questions are okay? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: FAQ: Must all questions be notable? A ...
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Why are only questions allowed that are related to a specific, notable claim? [duplicate]

I now know what a notable claim is, but why are we only allowed to ask, if the question is directly related to a specific, notable claim? Let's say you live in a very small town and there's a new ...
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FAQ: What are the attributes of a good question?

What does a good Skeptics.SE question look like? What are the qualities that a perfect Skeptics.SE question would have? Ground rules for answering this meta-question: One quality per answer Provide ...
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What is a 'notable' claim?

Throughout the Skeptics.SE site, there are demands for claims to be 'notable'. For example: in Close Reasons, and in several places in the FAQ. 'Notable' isn't a common word and isn't always clear. ...
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Why a question regarding whether mom's genes solely affect son's intelligence gets closed for being "unclear"

I am referring to this question: Do the mother's genes almost exclusively determine the sons' intelligence? This question currently garners 9 votes, 1.3K++ views, which shows that this is a good, ...
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What should our new off-topic close reasons be?

All close reasons are going to be significantly changed in the very near future, and we're getting the ability to define our own off-topic subreasons. There is one extremely obvious close reason that ...
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Questions about shopping: are they on-topic?

It's easy to ask questions about shopping: Company A says that their product is better than company B's. Is that true? Company C says their product does X. Is that true? Product D costs more than ...
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Improve the question on "If life happened by chance, why can't scientist create life ..."

There is a question on Skeptics.SE as follows: If life happened by chance, why can't scientist create life in controlled laboratory experiments? If life could spontaneously exist by chance, then ...
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FAQ: My question was has been 'closed', what does it mean?

Why are some questions closed? Is it like deletion?
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Must every questioned 'notable claim' include a referenced citation with a quote?

FAQ: Welcome to New Users links to How should we enforce notability? in which the accepted answer includes the following: It is not required to have an explicit cite for a claim in questions, ...
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Are statements by artificial intelligence constructs notable?

The Stack Exchange Network has been abuzz recently over the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat bots such at ChatGPT to generate content suitable for posting as answers. Some sites, notably Stack ...
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How to deal with perceived admin abuse?

Following a discussion in the comments for the answer to the Is the Earth 6000 years old? question, I asked
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Change the 'unclear what you're asking' text

After this answer and its subsequent comments, I propose a change to the "Why should this question be closed?" dialog, which is currently as follows: unclear what you're asking Please clarify ...
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My friend says....

We appear to be getting a splurge of skeptics questions in the form of "My friend says...", "I heard...", etc. where the only evidence that a claim has been made is the person saying they heard it. ...
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