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FAQ: Welcome to New Users

I am a new user here on Skeptics.SE. What do I need to know?
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Is there *really* a reason why so many questions *really* need to include the word 'really'?

This issue has been pointed out before--someone noted in a comment that any question can be made into a "skeptic's" question with the inclusion of "really". Right now, in the list of the 15 active ...
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Are religious questions on-topic?

At some point we will have to decide if religious questions are on-topic, and where exactly we will draw the line to off-topic questions. There is a significant overlap between the skeptic and atheist ...
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Non notable claims, made only on hate and or conspiracy sites, should be deleted

The question Did Benjamin Netanyahu say this about Christian Zionists? cites as the sources of the claim sites/blogs which are straight up from the darkest corners of the web. All those sites are ...
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Discussion on FAQ Question: What are the attributes of a good answer?

What does a good Skeptics.SE answer look like? What are the qualities that a perfect Skeptics.SE answer would have? Ground rules: One quality per answer Provide a brief explanation of why it is ...
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FAQ: Must all questions be notable?

One of the key themes of Stack Exchange right from the start has been that you can't have a site about everything. Each SE site has a topic, users who are devoted to that topic, and who will ...
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Politics, beliefs and motivations questions should not be allowed here.

These questions should be made off-topic because they are not answerable based on available evidence. In other words, there is nothing scientific in the investigation of the evidence. Also, they may ...
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What is a 'notable' claim?

Throughout the Skeptics.SE site, there are demands for claims to be 'notable'. For example: in Close Reasons, and in several places in the FAQ. 'Notable' isn't a common word and isn't always clear. ...
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Community Promotion Ads - 2013 [duplicate]

Y'all apparently never got one of these. I thought I covered you in the sweep, but, whoops. Well, let's get you off to a fresh start at a full cycle instead of midway, then, at least. What are ...
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FAQ: Must all answers be referenced?

How strict should we be about references? When someone makes a claim, should we require them to support that claim with a source? If so, to what extent should we go? Must all claims be referenced or ...
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"Untruthable" Questions

I have noticed a number of questions of the following basic form:   What evidence is there that this [insert reasonable claim] is false? (A recent example of such a question could have ...
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Questions on black people (or other colour) should be allowed ?

After reading this question, I was astonished that no one really comment about the unscientific nature of the question, as well as the insidious door it opens. How can we accept such a title ? Black, ...
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How notable does a claim have to be for questions about it to be considered on-topic? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: FAQ: Must all questions be notable? I know there have been a bunch of Meta discussions about whether answers to questions need to be referenced, and how good the references ...
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Are questions about offensive claims allowed?

Are questions about offensive claims allowed, so long as they otherwise meet Skeptics SE criteria? For example, are questions about holocaust denial, denial of the Armenian genocide, 9/11 trutherism, ...
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Should we ask questions that don't have answers?

Our FAQ states: You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face. Yet there are many questions that fall into our domain whose correct answer is: there is ...
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