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Unpinning the accepted answer

It seems that Stack Overflow is getting a change and is no longer going to pin the accepted answer at the top and will now default to sorting by post score alone. In the post announcing this they ...
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Is it ok to accept your own answer?

Is it ok to accept your own answer on Skeptics.SE, and give it that green checkmark? What does an accepted answer mean? Is there anything distinctly different between your own accepted answer, and ...
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What to do about old extremely poor accepted answers?

Several (mostly old) questions, such as this one, have poor, unreferenced answers marked as accepted. Leaving these poor answers is negative to the quality and image of this site. They are broken ...
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how long to wait before select an answer

hello, I made a question some days ago. I have only received one answer but it seems like personal research, no references are given but it seems at least credible. I think I wont get a better ...
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How does the StackExchange model work for Skeptical Analysis?

I feel like there might be a fundamental issue with the format of this website. Overview The StackExchange model works well for subjects where the question is posed for the purpose of helping the ...
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