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Ban Fact Checking Websites in Answers

This site should not simply be a conduit for Snopes or FactCheck. Why not? I am a skeptic, and it simply irritates me. Why does it irritate you? Snopes, and these other fact checking websites, do ...
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Power user Edit(orializing) controversial questions to make them weaker?

I had a strange experience with having my question on a controversial topic edited by a power user. In some ways the question was improved by adding more details, but also subtly changed the meaning, ...
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3 answers

Can statistics from this site be used to show that conservatives make a majority of fallacious and misleading claims?

I get most of my news from the Google newsfeed, figuring it's a pretty balanced place because the feed is a collection of news sources and I know their respective biases; Google, I assume, doesn't ...
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What is the stance on biased answers?

What is the stance of this website and community concerning answers that are 1. accepted and 2. biased? If the answer has no credible sources to confirm a claim then it is by definition a bias ...
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What is the Skeptics' standard with regard to bias and neutrality?

The comments on this answer intrigue me. As of this writing, four people have upvoted a comment that defended an answer opening with "Basically it's creationist bushwah." I don't understand this ...
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Is there *really* a reason why so many questions *really* need to include the word 'really'?

This issue has been pointed out before--someone noted in a comment that any question can be made into a "skeptic's" question with the inclusion of "really". Right now, in the list of the 15 active ...
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