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What is the best way to cite a YouTube video ad?

As of late, I've been seeing a lot of video ads on YouTube that include specific claims that are quite questionable. These are generally of the "one weird trick to save a questionably high amount ...
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What is to be done about a mis-attributed image?

This answer to the question, "Did JK Rowling ever describe Harry Potter goblins as 'hook-nosed'?" is built around an illustration that is claimed to be from the original 1974 publication of ...
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Found an error in an old, protected answer. How to suggest an edit?

Related to this question, but refering to a specific post. I have 6 reputation so far, but would like to leave some sort of remark (comment, another answer) at an old, accepted answer. How can I do ...
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Musing on the importance of "credible" references

This isn't so much a question but commentary, and it struck me as relevant to this site. Feel free to delete it if it doesn't belong in the meta - Truthiness. I was goofing around and in my goofing ...
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Why does this answer still have the "citation needed" notice?

This is regarding this answer. It was given a "citation needed" notice. The reason given in a comment was that the claim that her deputies were issuing licenses needed cited explicitly. Since then, ...
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Assessing Source Authority

My question takes as an assumption that using sources as authorities is a practical necessity even while acknowledging that appealing to an authority can be considered a logical fallacy in deductive ...
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Are answers relying on biased first-person supplied subjective information valid?

For a claim in the form of: Is the (potentially negative) fact F about a person P true? Is the following answer's conclusion considered valid? (and if not, what would be the conclusion that is ...
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Are answers about efficacy based on logic instead of efficacy testing valid?

For a question in the form of: Is XYZ effective in achieving goal ABC? Is it valid to post an answer in the form of: NO. This authoritative source lists N mechanisms (M1,... MN) for achieving goal ...
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Should we insert "citation needed" notices in-line, as opposed to or in addition to referring to an entire post?

Wikipedia is famous for requiring references pretty much everywhere, not unlike Skeptics Stack Exchange. In particular, a poorly referenced Wikipedia article will soon be littered with small ...
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Is Wikipedia a valid source? [duplicate]

For most professional citations, Wikipedia is frowned upon, but this answer defies all of those conventions.
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Disagreement about a citation for a claim - how should this be handled?

I asked a question in 2011, and I had no documentation of my claim. (I believe that wasn't required then?) Does wearing a bicycle helmet make the cyclist safer? User Evan Carroll edited a citation ...
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Can we please discourage drawing absolute conclusions from single studies?

I've noticed a lot of answers tend to cite a single study, and from this draw an absolute conclusion that something is or is not true. I will update this question with examples as I come across them. ...
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Does "Unsourced material may be challenged and removed" imply a challenge?

I've been getting warnings on my post for "lack of references". No, I don't have any. I just thought I'd post this because it was (1) relevant, and (2) research I'd done myself, with (what I believe) ...
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Should we only cite publicly available research articles?

It is clear that people should cite references for the claims they make, and I wholly agree with this. It is unclear, however, of what value there is in citing references in which no one or only a few ...
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Repeated comment by Moderators.

I find this post by the Moderators really really annoying. And I see it for almost all the new users answers. Welcome to Skeptics! We expect answers to provide references for all significant ...
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Is Wikipedia a valid reference?

Wikipedia is a very useful resource, but: sometimes it has unreliable information. sometimes it changes. Should Wikipedia be used as a reference to support claims in answers?
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List of useful sources for Skeptics.SE

The goal of this post is to contain a long number of sources, sorted by topic, to help users find sources for their answers. It's Community Wiki so that everyone can edit add new sources.
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FAQ: Must all answers be referenced?

How strict should we be about references? When someone makes a claim, should we require them to support that claim with a source? If so, to what extent should we go? Must all claims be referenced or ...
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Support for citations

One feature that I would like to see on this site would be some explicit support for citing scientific papers in the markdown syntax. In the simplest form this might be something like footnotes, in a ...
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