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How to rigourously define happiness or quality of life?

This may sound a stupid question, but I find it difficult to ask questions about a claim that some factor will affect happiness or quality of life of an individual. For clarification here is a list ...
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How much we need to define in a question?

This question was "put on hold" because it was "unclear" that what I am asking. I was asked to define what I mean by "natural". Same happened with this question. I had to define the word "loyal". ...
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How to handle questions that lead to arguments about definitions

This is motivated by this question: Did the Irish Catholic church have slaves in Ireland as recently as 1996? My understanding is that as far as possible skeptics is a place for learning about the ...
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Are questions with vague terms on topic?

Especially if the majority of people do not believe that the terms are inherently vague. This applies to MOST political claims: "Drugs are dangerous." -> The definition of dangerous is vague. "...
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