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Feedback on question "Is present discrimination the only remedy for past discrimination?"

Is present discrimination the only remedy for past discrimination? is closed as off-topic. I'm asking for feedback on reasons, please? Why I'm confused: The quote seems to fulfill the notability ...
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Feedback on downvotes on my answer. Fixing my errors

In a recent answer I got 3 down-votes. If people disagree with me or dislike the content, that's perfectly fine. I understand and respect their decision. However, seeing as it's 3 out of 7 voters, I'm ...
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When do we consider questions not useful?

The alt-text of the downvote button gives 3 reason why a question should be downvoted: The question does not show any research effort. The question is unclear. The question is not useful. The first ...
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Why are my questions related to spiritual experiences downvoted?

Here some of my questions: one, two, three, four. Why are these questions so downvoted despite being on-topic? What insights should I gain from this for potential future questions I may want to ask?
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Why do we lose a reputation if we down-vote a not-useful answer to our post?

I have read somewhere (I don't remember where) that the OPs lose a reputation if they down-vote a bad answer to their post. Why should it be in this way? A low-quality and sometimes incorrect answer ...
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Can the admin please check my account for an instance of serial down voting?

I've been the target of serial down voting before, so I'm familiar with the auto-script that will undo it if triggered, but the exact trigger is not publicly known. I'm also familiar with the secrecy ...
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8 votes
1 answer

What can be done to encourage more downvoting?

On a recent answer, which was quite poor, I observed the following statistics: My comment stating that the answer is bad and I am downvoting it because of $reasons: 19 upvotes Answer itself: 8 ...
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Should we increase the penalty for downvoted answer

If an answer is downvoted, the person who wrote it gets only -2 rep, while an upvote gives +10 rep, which means that in order to negate the upvotes and encorage the poster to delete/edit their answer ...
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Is there someone allergic to Lumosity?

What is wrong with the question "Can Lumosity exercises really improve core cognitive functions and enhance memory and attention?" Due to one negative vote & no positive votes after 15 times that ...
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2 answers

Drive-by downvoting

Related: Downvoting is good for you (and for the site)! This meta-post says the following: Oh, and leave a comment explaining why you downvoted. With luck, the author will learn from this mistake ...
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Vindictive Downvoting?

So I was looking at my profile, and noticed that I had lost a couple of reputation point. I didn't remember having recently downvoted any questions or answers. So it got me thinking about other ...
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Is downvoting answers for not addressing the point left unspecified/vague by the question a good idea?

Specific example: Does US Intelligence have built-in interfaces in major social networking sites that allow them to browse personal information at will? Sklivvz objected to the answer (and someone - ...
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3 answers

Closing is replacing downvoting

I appreciate that the site has high standards of evidence and that therefore a lot of questions are closed because they don’t admit a clear answer. That’s a good thing. But things are sometimes ...
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Should users be voted down for "answering" with comments when they don't have the reputation to comment?

Yes, this is Meta but, ironically (or not), I also don't have the reputation to ask a question in Meta either. I've only been here two days and have seen several comments admonishing posters and ...
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Are down-votes being misused?

I'm amazed about the mood on this StackExchange site. Where people are so nervous and use down-votes as a gun. I wonder if some tuning shouldn't be made to the logic of down-votes.
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