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What is to be done about a mis-attributed image?

This answer to the question, "Did JK Rowling ever describe Harry Potter goblins as 'hook-nosed'?" is built around an illustration that is claimed to be from the original 1974 publication of ...
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On Not-Safe-For-Work images

This is just an FYI to avoid the appearance of censorship. I am happy to hear feedback if you think I handled this incorrectly. Recently, a question was asked about diseased scrotums. The question ...
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4 answers

About the use of images

Over the last few days, a very small but very vocal minority of users has been leading a crusade against the "unprofessional" use of pictures in posts. As a result of their crusade, many users are ...
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What is the criteria for an unacceptable image?

I am not having much luck getting my intentions across here on meta so I will make this ridiculously short. This is related to the Unprofessionalism bullet-point in my longwinded answer to the 90 day ...
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