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Can we enable TeX?

Please feel free to edit this question! At current this question needs examples of existing posts and how they could be improved. Additionally, more links to related resources could be helpful. ...
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Viewing edit diffs

Here are three views of an edit (screenshot of my Windows desktop Chrome browser). I'm posting these as a sample because DVK said he sees all of them as a wall of red/green text. Post an answer (or ...
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How to start a new line with an indent

In my answer to the question Does Israel have nuclear weapons? I have a bullet with a quote inside it. I want to continue to write after the quote and in the bullet, so that the text will be indented. ...
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Markdown help doesn't explain [tag:] [closed]

You can mark StackExchange tags like so example, using [tag:]. This is not explained anywhere I can find in the Markdown help. This probably applies across StackExchange sites. Edited to add: Now ...
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