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Discourage Recommending Politics.SE for questions

I have noticed from time to time when a bad question gets asked on the main site that there is a suggestion to ask it on Politics.SE even though it would also be considered bad and closed on that site....
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Is migrating these kind of questions to other Stack Exchange sites a good idea?

In the question Did the murder of Ernst von Rath partly provoke the events of "Kristallnacht"? , it's being proposed to migrate the question to History.SE . This has happened already with at ...
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Do history questions belong on skeptics?

Are questions tagged history more appropriate for History.SE? Yes, there are a lot of questions tagged as history on Skeptics.SE. Especially when it concerns historical matters involving religion, it'...
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Belongs on Physics

Currently the only option to migrate when closing a Off Topic is to Meta. Would it be possible to add some more, esp. to Physics (or perhaps other science forums as well)?
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Migration targets for the rest of us

I'm sure ♦ mods can already do this, but it would be nice if us peons could pick migration targets like everyone with vote to close privileges can on most other SE sites. I've seen a couple questions ...
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Should topics covered by other StackExchange sites be considered off-topic?

This is a question spawned from comments to my overly broad opinion piece on the 90 day review. I started responding there before realizing that this really deserves its own discussion thread. The ...
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How can a question be migrated?

The question "Why are we so behind the predictions of science fiction?" was closed since it's off-topic. However, it is a question that's on-topic for scifi.SE. I put in a comment and flagged it for ...
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Migrating questions from Skeptic Exchange

This proposal was created as an SEv2 of Can we/should we/how do we migrate content over to skeptics.SE.
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