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Questions tagged [offensive-claims]

To discuss questions containing offensive claims about a group of people, such as a race or a religion

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Answers to the current issues that considered on-topic are helping to promote propaganda rather than clarify

One of the reasons I believe the current unconfirmed issues should be closed (deleted) ASAP is that answer to such questions are so weird and it helps to promote propaganda quickly instead of clarify ...
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Does asking about a factual claim act as endorsement of the claim's context?

In my question Do an overwhelming majority of rapes not involve relatives? , I asked about a factual claim (about who engages in sexual abuse) which has been used to support an abhorrent opinion (that ...
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Why was my recent question about Jewish CEO's deleted?

Recently I asked a question and then forgot about it. But I found that it was deleted by mods. Why was it deleted? The mods didn't give any reason.
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Non notable claims, made only on hate and or conspiracy sites, should be deleted

The question Did Benjamin Netanyahu say this about Christian Zionists? cites as the sources of the claim sites/blogs which are straight up from the darkest corners of the web. All those sites are ...
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Anti-semitic question in hot questions list

Are American media controlled mostly by Jews? is an act of hatred, just by the title. The fundamental assumption, that 'Jews' are a category of people who could or would act in concert to 'control ...
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Questions on black people (or other colour) should be allowed ?

After reading this question, I was astonished that no one really comment about the unscientific nature of the question, as well as the insidious door it opens. How can we accept such a title ? Black, ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Are questions about offensive claims allowed?

Are questions about offensive claims allowed, so long as they otherwise meet Skeptics SE criteria? For example, are questions about holocaust denial, denial of the Armenian genocide, 9/11 trutherism, ...
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Closing of questions which don't clarify what they are asking for

The question about correlation between penis size and race does not clarify what is meant by 'race'. Such vague questions need clarification, or should be closed. It the answer doesn't clarify the ...
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