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1 answer

FAQ: What constitutes original research?

Answers which are wholly based on "original research" are generally downvoted and may be deleted. What are the characteristics that (dis-)qualify an answer as original research? How should these ...
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6 answers

Should we expect original research to occur on this site?

Is it acceptable for users of this site to post un-referenced responses to questions which can be answered objectively? That is, are responses along the lines of "based on my experience and research, ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Under what conditions is "original research" problematic on community-mediated sites?

Wikipedia (strongly) and Skeptics.StackExchange (weakly) have adopted a policy of "no original research" for their articles; since this is a policy, one would assume that original research is ...
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Is creating a figure based on referenced data original research?

I was thinking about creating and adding a figure to one of my answers. I'd use data from a referenced source to create that figure, which would probably take the form of a bar chart or something ...
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3 answers

Is writing code to parse data original research and therefore inappropriate as an answer?

This answer includes a Python script to parse data. The data source itself is linked. The answer is getting upvoted, presumably because people view it as a helpful contribution. The relevant help ...
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Did I do original research?

In my answer to the question Were 48% of American billionaires Jewish in 2014? I gave an answer regarding the 2016 numbers. Since it wasn't enough for the OP I went on and did more research and found ...
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